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From the beginning

Updated: Jan 29

Here is all about me, from the very beginning of photography for me to now!



When I was about 10 years old, I started attending Camp Birch Hill. I attended that camp for about seven years. It was always an eye-opening experience, and I loved it so much. At this camp, we could pick activities as part of our schedule for each day. I saw that photography was one of them and thought, Why not? Well, that's where my story begins. Ever since I picked up my first camera at Camp Birch Hill I have been inspired. I liked capturing the moments that would only ever happen once.

My first camera was a point-and-shoot Fujifilm that was my mom's, she wasn't thrilled that I stole it... This camera had seen better days after being taken on all of my family's adventures for a few years. There were a few cracks in the lens but I made it work. I decided to get my own camera after a little while and bought myself a Sony A200.

This camera lived a very short life after it took a tumble off the computer desk and cracked the screen right off of my knee, and then I taped the lens against a trailer killing its focus capabilities. Man, was I upset. That Christmas I was gifted the Canon Rebel t6. This was unlike any other camera I had used before, but I loved the challenge of learning it.

I started my photography journey by taking pictures outside of our chickens, ducks, and even my pet pig. I did this for years until I got my canon, I felt then that I could take on people. I started doing portraits for family and enjoyed it. After that things took off. I began annually taking a good friend's portraits out in a sunflower field. Once other people saw those I was asked to do more. This journey was slow believe it or not. I went through lots of trial and error and still am to this day.

Once I outgrew my crop sensor Canon I decided I wanted to get back to Sony and try their mirrorless cameras. I got the SonyA7ii and fell in love. This is the line of cameras I use to shoot all of my sessions today. I am now fully geared up and invested in Sony.

Today I enjoy taking all of the portrait sessions that I can. This includes high school portraits, to graduation, couples, engagements, weddings, and maternity sessions. My goal is to become a wedding photographer whose clients come back for years to come as more beautiful life is gifted to them! Capturing moments that my clients can hold onto for the rest of their lives is something I take pride in. I love getting the message that says "I am so grateful that you were able to capture this moment for me". When I receive these messages it makes me feel like I did something great!

I have come so far in my photography journey and I am so incredibly proud of myself. As I have continued growing in the past five years I have taken it upon myself to further educate myself and grow even further. I started with YouTube and books from Barnes and Noble to learn more about photography. I then took a certificate program at Manchester Community College and got a Small Business Management Certificate. I let this settle and decided that I would be going back for more. This past fall I enrolled at SNHU at 24 years old to get a Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design with a concentration in Web Development. All of these programs have taught me so much. I have been able to apply everything that I have learned and make my photography business that much better. My goal is to work from home doing what I love!

If you have made it this far thanks for reading!

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