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Great Location Ideas for your Portrait Session

Updated: Mar 31


Location is the most important part of any photo session. It will help add to the feel of the day and provide possible hints about you or your family background. That could be where a couple first met, to a childhood home all the way to your new place!

That's why picking where you want to do your session is so important and often a hard task. It is tough to pick a place that is going to provide you with the look that you want, especially if you have not seen it before! That is why I am here to help. As a photographer I often get the question, Do you have any good location ideas for our session?

I often follow this question up with a few more to give useful suggestions. These questions could include:

What is the session for?

Who is going to be there? (Grandparents, children, or even pets)

What are you looking for from your session? (beach, city, mountains, etc.)

How far are you willing to travel? (I am always up for an adventure!)

Is there any place that means something to you? (where you met your significant other, where you got proposed to, grew your family, found out some great news, etc.)

As you start to answer these questions you are going to have a better understanding of what you may want, and what you may need to do depending on time and who is going to be there.

In this blog post, I will list out local places that I have captured moments at before, and include a few that I would love to try out. There will also be bits of advice that you may find helpful!

Some outdoor locations are hard for older folks and children to get around. I take special consideration with this, as I do not want anyone to get hurt while I am capturing your session.

I am located in Southern New Hampshire and have lots of great recommendations for around the area and some that are just a little further out of my way.


Parks: Make for great places to bring the whole family, offering lots of potential locations to change things up. They often have playgrounds to reward the children with after they focus on you and are an easy place for grandparents to get around.


Bensons Park- Hudson, NH

To start- Benson's Wild Animal Farm, in Hudson NH. This is my go-to location, it is the most versatile and the best place to bring a pet, child, or grandparent. Benson's features long walking trails, a dog park, a kid's playground, a little pond, and a large field. There are also countless amounts of stairs, a cute bridge, and so many trees. Each of these things makes Benson's perfect for any portrait session. All together Benson's is a great place for family portraits, senior portraits, couples/ engagement photos and so much more. It gives off a woodsy look and has wonderful amounts of shade for the perfect lighting conditions.


Griffin Park- Windham, NH

Griffin Park in Windham NH is another great park. This park has a few baseball and soccer fields, with tennis and basketball courts. There is also a children's playground right in the middle of it all. Finally, it has a very nice little patio area with a beautiful white pergola. As sporty as this place sounds it's a great location for a small, simple little photo shoot, as long as it isn't soccer or baseball season. This park is very easy for everyone to get around for the grandparents and it's a great place to bring a pet! This park would make for some great sporty portraits or some quick family photos.


Front Park at Lake Massabesic- Auburn, NH

Another Beautiful location is Front Park at Lake Massabesic, in Auburn NH. I've been able to get amazing waterfront photos at this location. It's also a perfect woodsy area with lots of trails and is children and pet-friendly. There is a large grass area between the road and the lake, making for a perfect place to get in some perfectly lit portraits. There are also countless amounts of trails off to the left of the parking lot. This location is great for any portraits and is very easy to get around.


Mine Falls- Nashua, NH

This park is HUGE, I'm not kidding. It does offer a whole lot when it comes to beautiful views. There is so much of this park that I have not seen yet myself but, what I have seen is worth the long walks. This park is good for a long session when you would like to get lots of photos with different scenery. This location will make for a long day of walking, making it not the greatest idea to bring someone who struggles to keep up. Mine Falls is great for school portraits, engagement sessions, and anyone who wants an earthy look to their photo session. This park is also very pet friendly!


Prescott Park- Portsmouth, NH

I love this park, It has views of the ocean, a beautiful flower garden with a fountain, and big fields. This park is beautiful, it's perfect for weddings, engagements, families, and any portrait sessions. It's super easy to get around on foot and has the beautiful town of Portsmouth around it. You can easily make a day trip out of a photo shoot here.


Greeley Park- Nashua, NH

This is an adorable little park in Nashua. With a nice tree-lined path and a cute little stone building that acts as a public bathroom. This park is perfect for everyone of every age, and the dogs will love it here too. This park is perfect for families, couples, engagement sessions, and so much more. Everyone will have an easy time getting around this adorable little park and there is plenty of space to roam.


Here are a few locations that I have not been to, but I would love to try out!

Spiggot Falls River Walk, Methuen MA

Francis Gate Park, Lowell MA


Flower Fields: This one is a little different, here in NH and MA there are countless farms nearby with lots of land that they will lay down flowers for the public to pick (typically for a fee). The flowers can range from tulips, and sunflowers to lavender. These farms make for great places to get your portrait session done. They are children and sometimes pet-friendly, grandparents might have a harder time getting around due to tripping hazards. There are countless events and I am sure that there are more than just the ones that I have listed below. They are a great way to add a little color to your portrait session! It's also very important that you take into consideration bee allergies for you or your family before taking your session here, there are bees everywhere!

Annual Events:

TulipeFete- The Farm at Wolf Pine Hollow, Hancock NH- Tulips- mid-May


Laromay Lavender Farm, Hollis NH- Lavender- late June, early July.


Colby Farm, Newbury MA- Sunflowers- Late August


Tendercrop Farm, Dover NH- Sunflowers- Beginning of September


Castles: One unique way to capture your session is at a castle or its ruins. In New England, there are so many old buildings and buildings made out of stone. There are numerous castles and ruins that make for a great portrait session location. They are often pet-friendly, and most children and grandparents have an easy time getting around.


Searles Castle- Windham, NH

The Searles Castles in Windham NH are also one of the coolest places that you can get photos taken at. The castles are on large grounds with plenty of trees for shade and even lighting and the castles themselves offer an amazing backdrop for pictures. The Castles are perfect for anyone, easily accessible, and kid-friendly. These locations are perfect for portraits of any kind, including engagement, wedding, and even family portraits. The Searles Castle Hall is now a private venue that is not open to the public, however, the church down the street allows visitors outside!


Greycourt State Park- Methuen, MA

Greycourt Park is a ruin of what once stood there. It makes for a great portrait location as it's unique. It's a fairly small location that is easy to walk around with lots of potential. This one is very easy for children and grandparents to get around, I would also say that it's pet-friendly!


Other castle locations I would love the opportunity to follow you around and explore!

Hammond Castle- Gloucester, MA (Reservations required)

Bancroft Castle- Groton, MA


Ice skating: Ice skating makes for one unique session, however, you need to be comfortable on skates! I would keep these types of sessions to just couples as they can get chaotic with children. I would also not bring the grandparents unless they grew up on skates, or are happy to be captured through the glass.


Waterville Valley Ice Arena- Waterville Valley, NH

This idea is super unique! This one is easier for couples or families who are comfortable out on the ice. It's not for the faint of heart and does require pure dedication. It makes for super romantic photos and can add to your session especially if it means something to you! The Waterville Valley Ice Arena is very nice, there is a little shopping area attached to the building with so many more locations to get in some more photos. This location would only be pet-friendly outside of the arena, I would also only bring skilled grandparents if they are comfortable on skates!


Nestlenook Farm- Jackson, NH

This location is perfect for any winter-themed session. They have an outdoor skating rink (weather permitting) and many other locations to get even more photos. Their property features an outdoor skating rink, an enclosed gazebo with a sleigh, and a beautiful bridge. Nestlenook also holds horse-drawn sleigh rides that need to be booked in advance. It makes for an absolutely beautiful evening with a romantic feel. This farm is family-friendly, no pets allowed, and grandparents would be able to get around just fine!


Beach: There are countless amounts of beaches along the coast here in New England. You could venture up into Maine, adventure down into Massachusetts, or even find yourself in Rhode Island.


Hampton Beach State Park- Hampton, NH

Plum Cove Beach- Gloucester, MA

Popplestone Beach- Gloucester, MA

Fort Wetherill State Park- Jamestown, RI

Old Orchard Beach- Old Orchard Beach, ME


Home: Whether you have just bought your first home, welcomed a newborn, or are moving on to something new, your home is always a great place to capture lasting memories. It offers a different feel than anywhere else can give you. You are probably also going to feel more comfortable and confident. The best part is that you know exactly where the bathroom is!! You also make the rules, inviting whomever you want!


Seasonal: Any seasonal location typically makes for a great mini-session. They usually get pretty busy but can offer lots of great potential for any type of session! Doing research around you for local events will make these pop-ups come to mind.


SPRING: Flower fields offer loads of popping colors and spring in the air! A flower festival, or even a carnival...

The Mall at Rockingham Park Carnival- Salem, NH- End of March, early April


SUMMER: The beach is always a great go-to, as well as sunflower fields!

Tendercrop Farm, Dover NH- Sunflowers- Beginning of September

Colby Farm, Newbury MA- Sunflowers- Late August


FALL: Great ideas would include any apple orchard, corn maze, pumpkin patch, or a drive up north to capture some beautiful colors!

Sunnycrest Farm- Londonderry, NH- Apple Orchard/Pumpkin Patch

Up North- Kancamagus Highway, National Parks


WINTER: Let's get cozy inside or outside, take a trip on a horse-drawn carriage, do some ice skating, sip on some hot cocoa, or pick out your Christmas tree!

Nestlenook Farm- Jackson, NH


City: Going into the city gives a unique look for a portrait session. It could hold an important meaning in your relationship, or it's where your first place is, or even where you went to school. There are so many reasons to capture your session there. The city is family-friendly, it could be a lot of walking for our grandparents and our pets are typically allowed up until we need to go inside.


Acorn Street- Boston MA Offers a beautiful colonial cobblestone street. It's easy to twist ankles hear so bring appropriate shoes! Pets and children are welcome, grandparents can take the risk! This location makes for great portraits of any kind!


Tuscan Village- Salem, NH This one allows you to make it look and feel as though you are in the city, however, you do not have to worry about parking, or the overstimulation of everything going on around you! This location is great for any kind of portrait session. Pets, children, and grandparents are all welcome and will be able to get around easily!


School Grounds: What better way to celebrate your graduation than on school grounds? Most school campuses are put together well, there are plenty of empty fields and walking paths, not to mention the buildings where you took your classes. Being able to capture your last moments on campus after completing a whole degree is something you will cherish forever as a reminder that all your hard work paid off!


Each of these locations offers its little features and creates its specific look. Now it's time to ask yourself where you want your portrait session taken. I hope you found what you were looking for in this blog post!

There are hundreds of other places that have not yet explored, reach out to me to start your next adventure!

To chat or book your session with me, click here to get in touch today!

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