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10 Great Location Ideas for your Portrait Session

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Location, Location, location.

Location is the most important part of a photo session. Along other factors like what is the session for? Who's gonna be part of the session? Where are you located? And most importantly what is the look that you want from the session?

Each one of those questions you'll need to take into consideration when booking a photo session.

In this blog post I will list out all of the local places that I love to do my sessions at. Ill also give a little advice as to what are the best sessions to do where, and who would be ok to go.

A lot of outdoor locations are hard for our older folks who have a little more trouble walking. They might also not be handicap or kid friendly.

As I am located in Southern New Hampshire most of these locations are not more than two hours away. There are also so many more locations that I haven't been to yet.


To start- Benson's Wild Animal Farm, in Hudson NH. This is my go-to location. It is the most versatile and the best place to bring a pet. Benson's features long walking trails, a dog park, a kids play ground, a little pond, and a large field. There's also countless amounts of stairs, a cute bridge, and sooooo many trees. Each of these things makes Benson's perfect for any portrait session. The park is kid friendly and its easy enough to walk around along the paved paths. Its a big park and has so many different sceneries to work with. Most people will be able to get around just fine, but it might be a challenge for our handicapped friends or any one who has trouble walking. All together Benson's is a great place for family portraits, senior portraits, couples/ engagement photos and so much more. It gives off the woodsy look and has wonderful amounts of shade for the perfect lighting conditions.

Here you can find out more about Bensons park:


Griffin park in Windham NH is another great park. This park has lots of wide open fields, tennis courts, basket ball courts, and some baseball fields. It also has a very nice little patio area with a beautiful white pergola. As sporty as this place sounds its a great location for a small, simple little photo shoot. As long as it isn't soccer, or baseball season. This park is very easy for everyone to get around, and its very kid friendly seeing that there is a play ground smack dab in the middle. Its also a great place to bring the dog if you would like to get them into some photos with the family.

Here you will be able to find out more about Griffin Park and what events are taking place, and when:


Another Beautiful location is Front Park at Lake Massabesic, in Auburn NH. I've been able to get amazing beachy vibes at this lake. Its also a perfect woodsy area with lots of trails. Its kids and pet friendly. There is a large grass area between the road and the lake, making for a perfect place to get in some perfectly lit portraits. There's also countless amounts of trails off to the left of the parking lot. This location is great for senior or family portraits, and is very easy to get around.


Tendercrop Farm in Dover NH is an awesome sunflower field. They also host festivals and are just an amazing place to go and enjoy the outdoors. They feature a few very large sunflower fields with a variety of different sunflowers, a corn maze and even have some farm animals on site. I go at least once a year to take pictures of this couple to any sunflower field that we can find. The Sunflowers fields are perfect for intimate couples/ engagement sessions, family sessions, and senior portraits. They are a little hard to get around with a stroller and the roots and stubs can be a tripping hazard for anyone. (other sunflower fields like Colby farm in Newbury MA ( ), and Copal House Farm Sunflower Festival in Lee, NH (( )) are also great places to go)

To find out more about Tendercrop Farms events:


The Searls Castles in Windham NH are also one of the coolest places that you can get photos taken at. This little fella is Max and he loves history so much and wanted his senior portraits to be taken somewhere that was rich with history. Searls Castles' are made out of granite from our neighbor hood, making it the perfect place for Max to get his senior portraits done. The castles are on large grounds with plenty of trees for shade and even lighting and the castles them selves offer an amazing back drop for pictures. The Castles are perfect for anyone, easily accessible and totally kid friendly. When booking a session and trying to pick this location as yours a short phone call should be made just to make sure they do not already have another event taking place. These locations are perfect for portraits of any kind, engagement, wedding and even family portraits.


Mine Falls in Nashua NH. This park is HUGE. And I'm not kidding. It does offer a whole lot when it comes to beautiful views. There is so much of this park that I have not seen yet myself but, what I have seen is totally worth the long walks. This park is good for a long session when you would like to get lots of photos with different scenery. This location will make for a long day of walking, making it not the greatest idea to bring someone who struggles a little more than others. Mine Falls is great for Senior portraits and for anyone who wants an earthy look to their photo session.

Here is a link to the park map:


Merrill Park, in Hudson NH. This is one tiny park but it makes for a small intimate session. Its perfect to get in a quick couples session with plenty of privacy, and amazing views. The first time here I really wasn't sure that I was even in the right place, but with a little adventuring we found the perfect spot down a tiny little path. Making this location not a great one for kids or the older folks.

To learn a little more about this little spot click here:


Prescott Park, Portsmouth NH. I love this park, It has views of the ocean, a beautiful flower garden with a fountain, and big fields. This park really is beautiful, its perfect for weddings, engagement, families and any portrait sessions. Its super easy to get around on foot and has the beautiful town of Portsmouth around it. You can easily make a day trip out of a photo shoot up here.

To find out more about Prescott Park click here:


If you are looking for a beachy vibe, going to literally any beach will do the trick. Some beautiful beaches with lots of rocks and amazing views are right in Gloucester, MA. These take a little longer to get to, but they offer so much more than our Hampton Beaches up in New Hampshire. Beachy portrait sessions are beautiful especially in the golden hours of the day. Sunrise and sunset times are truly a beautiful way to capture any moment. Beachy sessions are perfect for couples including engagement, and wedding. A day time beach session would also be perfect for families and even senior portraits. The beach is an awesome place for a session but many people have other ideas for going to the beach on a beautiful day.... We all do it. Its also quite hard for everyone to get around in the sand and on the rocks so when booking a session at the beach be fully prepared and maybe don't bring the kids or grand parents.


Your Own Home, whether it looks pretty or just means a lot to you. Your own home has a character that fits you perfectly. Doing a session at your home may be what you need from your session. It gives you an area that you know extremely well and feel most comfortable in. The session can be held either indoors or outdoors, and offers a great opportunity to not have to lug all the kids around. It also makes for an easy day, from the year of 2020 photographers really started doing most of their work at clients homes and the results have been beautiful.


Greeley Park, in Nashua NH. This is a adorable little park in Nashua. With a nice tree lined path and a cute little stone building which acts as a public bathroom. This park if perfect for everyone of every age, and the dogs will love it here too. This park is perfect for families, couples, engagement sessions, and so much more. Everyone will have an easy time getting around this adorable little park and there is plenty of space to roam.

To find out more about this park click here:


There are hundreds of other parks that I haven't had the opportunity to explore yet, here are a few parks that I know of myself that would make perfect locations for any session.

Spiggot Falls River Walk, Methuen MA

Greycourt State Park, Methuen MA

Francis Gate Park, Lowell MA

Each of these parks I have driven by or have seen in other professional's work. They have beautiful sceneries and offer so much. I look forward to exploring new places and having the chance to spread the knowledge and help you decide where you would like your session to take place.

To book your session with me now click here:


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