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Year End Lookback

This year was a year.

Lets start there. Easy enough to be said. However, this year brought lots of good stuff too. I am now even more thankful for my family and the loved ones around me. I appreciate my jobs and am so thankful that I still have one.

With all the bad this year, we have suffered great loss, but I think its about time we start looking ahead and list the things that we are so thankful that happened this year.

My list is-

My business did better than ever this year, and I couldn't have done it without all my clients. Thank you all so so sooo much. I don't have much to compare it to, but I wasn't expecting anything from this year.

I already have sessions booked for next year! That is something that I have never had before, and I am soo excited to see what is to come!

I got to work for Clix again. This job is honestly the best, I love working with little kids and getting to take adorable pictures of them is so rewarding.

I started a new full time job at a bank.

I got a brand new laptop that is just perfect for all of my needs!

I finished three different photography classes!

I've worked up some new changes for my business for next year, and I am so excited to offer them all to you! (stay posted, new updates will be out next week!)

There are so many other things that I am beyond grateful for this year, but I'd have to write a book. I just want everyone to look back and appreciate what happened. Good and bad, and get ready for this next chapter.

Ill see you all next year! Happy New Year everyone! Lets hope 2021 treats us better.

Cheers to next year!!

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