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Why I want to be a photographer..

When I was a kid, my grandparents would take us camping everywhere from upstate New York, to the middle of Maine. Each time we saw a view that I thought was unlike an other I would imagine my brain to capture the image and save it for as long as I could possibly remember.

After attending Camp Birch Hill I knew I loved photography. Capturing moments in life that will only happen once are very important to me. Whether the moment that I am capturing is at a wedding when a bride and groom are kissing, or more simply a flower with a perfect water droplet on it. I know I will always have that image to look back on, they will have different feelings and meanings behind them, but neither will happen the same way again.

Capturing once in a life time moments will show you how fast life really does fly by. My senior portraits happened two years ago, but it feels like it was just yesterday! Looking back at these photos I see the old me, and I remember how old I had felt then, and how I didn't know what my future had in store for me.

Experimenting with the different types of art while I was young gave me a lot of time, and disappointments to really learn what I wanted to do. Drawing and painting are best when I am stressed and want to get an image in my own unique writing. While photography, I can take on whenever I really want to. It gives me the ability to manipulate and create images out of what is right in front of me.

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