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What to Wear to your own Photo Session

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

Here are some helpful tips that will help you decide what your best choice of outfit will be!


Deciding what to wear (at least for me) Is probably the hardest part of everyday life. I am not a huge one for fashion. But I can tell you what outfits work best in what locations and give you just a little advise if you are just not sure what to wear.

For basics on any portrait session wearing something that you are comfortable and confident in is key. Personally, I do not really like to wear dresses so that is not something that I would wear to a regular portrait session. Wearing something clean cut, like a nice pair of jeans and a dressy top would be perfect for any kind of portrait session like; a couples session, senior portraits, headshots, or even an engagement session.


Each session will call for a different kind of attire (especially if it is a themed session; like mini sessions).

Now lets start with a senior portrait session. Most girls want to look cute and will wear a short sun dress, a romper, or just a nice fancy top with a skirt, shorts or pants. Girls do try the hardest, and obviously we have a much better variety of clothing. Boys tend to keep it to a nice button up shirt, or even a clean t-shirt and some nice pants, usually jeans or any kind of khaki pant will do the trick. Or a full blow suite, depending upon the kids personality.


Graduation sessions are another sessions where people want to look good! They went through so many years just to get to this point and are so done with school. Bringing your cap and gown and possibly even your diploma is a must. You need the proof that you made it! Dresses are usually what most girls will wear and men tend to stick to their usual nice polo tops and bottoms.


Couples, Engagement and maternity sessions are important ones to remember. What you wear to these sessions will really depend on the kind of couple you are. For engagements the typical nice dress is worn by the ladies. Pants and whatever kind of shirt the lady wants the man to wear is usually how the men will show up. Maternity sessions are special and the women usually wear a nice flowy dress that will complement the baby bump.


With family sessions coordinating is key. Everyone should be dressed in something similar, in color, or style. All boys should wear the same kid of shirt and keep the bottoms the same as well. Women and girls should keep to the same dresses or wear matching tops and bottom. It is hard to try and find the same outfit for everyone, but I do have to say these sessions come out the cutest when everyone is matching.


Seasonal Mini Sessions- These are the sessions that you base what you are wearing off of the theme of the mini. For example, a Christmas mini session you may want to keep it cozy or maybe wear go all out and wear something fancy. For spring like an Easter mini session you want to wear something fresh, like a bright sun dresses for the ladies. In the summer, maybe 4th of July, you'd want to wear red, white, and blue. The options go on and on. You get the idea.


Location will change what you are going to wear, mountains, beach, parks, even your own home.

Each of these places will have some effect of what you are going to wear. Being in the mountains depending on the time of year is you may need to bring a jacket, make sure that jacket looks cute.

On the beach for women, flowy dresses are where it is at. For men a lose button down shirt, and a nice pair of khaki shorts. While you are on the beach you are most likely going to be barefoot, so forget the shoes.


While at a park you could wear anything you want. You could dress it up as much as you'd like, or even wear a funny costume. You will always want to wear some shoes that you will be comfortable walking in for more than an hour.


Your own home is one of the best places. You are almost always comfortable when you are there. Wearing anything you feel comfortable and confident will do the trick. Being in your own home is perfect for indoor sessions including boudoir, newborn, seasonal, or family sessions.


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