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The Whole Experience

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

What to expect from booking your session to receiving your final images.


The first step is to simply reach out and start the booking process with me. You can book on my website anytime here: But feel free to reach out to me directly if you'd like to chat some more about what you are thinking. I'll ask you lots of questions basked on what information you provided me with from the start.

When I am booking a session with a customer if they need any help deciding on where to do their session, or what to wear for their session I send them two of my blog posts that give great suggestions for both.

Here are the links if you would like to take a peak now:

Location Ideas:

Outfit Ideas:

Next step will be the time between the booking and the session itself. Feel free to reach out at any point if you need to change anything, ask me any questions or raise any concern. If the session is planned for outside I will be watching the weather and let you know how its looking. I will reach out to you one week before the session with a friendly reminder that your session is coming up. And if your session is outside I will keep you up to date and informed on how the weather is looking for the day and if anything needs to be changed.

Finally, Its your session. You are all ready to go! You should be confident in what is coming up and be ready to smile! The session is the best part. You begin feeling overwhelmed but by the end you've made a new friend. I as your photographer, am happy to talk and break the silence. Joking around is a must with me and I will surely try to make you laugh and ease up a little to get some beautiful smiles in.

After your session is complete you can expect a sneak peak in 1-3 days depending upon the type of session that you had. Sneak peaks are awesome, they make you excited to see all the photos that were taken that day. You will then receive your whole album in 1 to 2 weeks from the session date.

Finally all of your images are in front of you. Hopefully you are more than happy with your session! You will have your own private gallery for at least 1 whole month. I often ask people if I can share their whole album once they are done purchasing their images, so that I can show off my own work. It is completely ok with me if you are uncomfortable having the password taken off your album. I will ask you at the end of the session what your preference is.

And finally keeping in touch. Once you have been a client of mine, I ask for your email and address to send you over special offers and deals. These offers are exclusive to my previous clients before I let them out to the public! So you definitely won't want to miss out!


Being HBedard Photography is something I take pride in and I hope that you enjoy your experience with ease and you are happy with the outcome. Thank you for supporting my business!

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