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The Holidays are coming...

Before we know it it is going to be thanksgiving! This year it is more important than ever to shop local, almost all of our local small businesses were forced to shut down this year due to covid. Loosing so much in sales and making it nearly impossible to stay open. In this post I want to share with you a few local businesses that we should all consider buying from this holiday season!

Sarah A Jones Pottery- One of my very own high school art teachers! She makes some amazing work ranging from everyday household, to beautiful jewelry!

You can shop her stock here @

McKinley's Fine Woodworking- Offers amazing woodworking pieces! From household goods to holiday ornaments! You can shop their website here @

Livi's Bake Shop- A very talented baker right here in Pelham! She makes beautiful cakes and cupcakes! You can reach her through her Facebook @

Time To Clay- A awesome way to be creative with the family, have a fun night out, or even have your party here! You can find out more on their website here @

Mom & Me Crafty Creations- Offers adorable ornaments, and some awesome pillows! You can shop here on their Facebook @

ANML Supply- Offers some quite awesome clothing featuring animals on every piece. You can shop them here @

AKA Design- Beautiful home décor pieces that everyone will love! You can shop here @

There are plenty of other local shops that could really use your support this holiday season, so please don't forget to shop local this year!

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