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Smoke Grenade Photography

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

Yesterday I took on a different type of photography that I wouldn't normally do. I saw a few social media posts that had some smoke in them, I thought it was definitely interesting and different. So I went to Pinterest, I was amazed to see what people have done with this kind of photography and I wanted to try! I knew exactly who to go to, to get the look that I wanted to achieve. I set up a shoot with them and we did it!! I was so happy to see that I didn't totally bomb it ( no pun intended ) and that my chosen model looked good and fit with it.

Let me tell you I didn't just jump right into it, I watched many YouTube videos on the dos-and-don'ts of smoke grenade photography. I actually learned quite a few helpful tips from watching these videos and they gave me many ideas that I will be trying in the future.... (most likely around Halloween with the spooky look). So stick around because I am going to make smoke photography part of me.

A few tips that I learned for anyone interested were:

-Take some before photos so that you know what the shot is going to look like, and to give the model a dry run before the smoke grenade is lit.

-Allow the smoke to fill in the area behind the model.

-Have the model make slow movements so that the smoke doesn't spread too fast.

-The smoke grenades may stain the models clothes, so keep that in mind.

-Don't do it on a windy day, the smoke won't stick around for a nice thick affect.

-Don't set off smoke bombs in a public setting

A few helpful tips that I learned and will be bringing to the table next time:

-Invest in better smoke grenades, I bought smoke grenades that have a fuse from Phantom Fireworks, I recommend sticking with a brand called Enola Gaye, they make theirs specifically for photography with a pull tab start.

-Make sure to have plenty of outfits and different props to change the look up.

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