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More New Equipment!

Yesterday was a beautiful day and the sun was shining! With the sun shining so bright and no flash on my camera, I figured it was time to make another investment that will continue to help me and my future out!

From starting my new job at Clix, I've been learning more and more about photography in itself. But most importantly I was introduced to flashes. I had a built in flash on my Canon Rebel T6, and I never liked it, it was always too bright and any time I wanted to use my camera for macro photography, it always cast a shadow of the lens. So moving into mirror less and getting my SonyA 7ii, I no longer have a built in flash. And I didn't have one that I could throw onto my camera either. I looked into a few different flashes and found that they are way more expensive that I thought! About $300 for the one that was made by Sony!

I decided I would go with the Insignia Compact TTL flash for Sony, which ran me just $100. I used this flash as a fill flash for our shoot at the Tendercrop Sunflower Festival yesterday and I am very happy with it. It works really well and gives off plenty of light. I need to experiment some more with it and see everything that it can do, but I noticed a very big difference in my shots just by using the TTL setting (the flash flashes twice and decides which power should be used for the shot) I didn't do anything but change the direction of the light, or take out the diffuser.

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