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Loving what you do..

From when I was in high school, I have discovered that I didn't like doing things that didn't challenge me in any way. I found school to be very boring and I just wanted out. I knew that my next step after high school wasn't going to be a four year school. I searched hard to find what I thought was going to be best for me. After the summer that I graduated I started working full time at Data Electronic Devices. The only thing that I liked about this place was the people that I worked with. I knew I wasn't going to be there forever, and I knew I needed out soon. It caused too much unhappiness for me, and I wasn't being challenged at all.

After I had found out that my dream program was no longer running, I knew I needed to do something that was going to help my future self. I looked for jobs constantly and felt that I wasn't going to be able to get out of the situation that I was in. About three months after I started looking for a new job, I came across one that I had applied to the year before. I even interviewed for it, but after the interview we decided that it wasn't going to work out.

Fast forward to now: I left DataEd a month ago today, I now have two new jobs that I love beyond words, and I'm happy to be challenged everyday that I go into work. I work for a small portrait studio that does school portraits, and at Portrait Simple working in a studio. The only down fall to these jobs are that they are both seasonal, come New Years and I will need to find another job. However, right now I am learning so much more about photography, and I absolutely love what I do.

Loving my job makes me feel as though I don't go to work, they are just opportunities for me to get out and enjoy my hobby even more, with lots of learning and challenges along the way!

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