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How, and Why I Work with Kiddos

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Working with kids is great in general, however, photographing them is another ball game. Kids are great lets admit it, but they can and most definitely will be little monsters.

I didn't start working with kids until I starting working at Clix. When I went to their daycare photography training I thought it would be a breeze, but then they had me start talking to adults as if I was talking to a child, and I struggled. We had test shoots with everyone we would be working with and we had to each take turns as the photographer and the child. Some of these children (actually adults) were AWEFUL! But the owners said that this is honestly how the kids would act. I was in for it!

The key things I learned from working here were to not be afraid to control the children, and to NEVER have them say cheese when we were photographing them.

Words that work best are pickles, turkeys, and tacos, just to name a few. Having kids say these words actually gets them to laugh hysterically sometimes. And these laughs make for the best pictures.

However, not all children like to talk, so having them say things like "turkey" just isn't going to work. You need to be these kids best friend for a minute, let them know that you are there just to get at least one adorable picture of them. Have a little person conversation with them, compliment their shoes, talk about your favorite thing, and then ask them theirs.

Working with these kids for about five minutes at a time is awesome! I love working with kids so much and they honestly will make your day. Just make sure to laugh with them, but don't let them control you, because they will take over.

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