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Holiday Session Deals!

The holidays are right around the corner and its almost time to get those holiday cards up and out!

This year doorstep and in-home sessions are going to be the go-to. They will last from thirty minutes to a whole hour, whatever you think you will need. Each session comes with the location of your choosing (in-home, on your doorstep, or any outdoor location you would like.) and two free digital images. They are Covid friendly and offer the right amount of photos and convenience that you need!

A 30 minute Holiday themed session will cost $75, And a whole hour session will cost $130

Refer a friend and you and your friend can get $15 off your session! (Both you and your friend need to book a session to get this awesome discount!)

Please reach out to me to book your session now! Availability is slim and time is running out! Or book here:


I am offering deals on all my holiday card collections and you won't want to miss out!

Here is the break down of each of my photo card packages. This year I will be printing cards in the sizes of 4x6 and 5x7. All photo cards will be printed on glossy photo paper.

A pack of 20, 4x6 glossy photo cards with envelopes will be $30

A pack of 20, 5x7 glossy photo cards with envelopes will be $35

40, 4x6 photo cards will cost $55

40, 5x7 photo cards will cost $60

60, 4x6 photo cards will cost $85

60, 5x7 photo cards will cost $90

And so on, These packages can be altered slightly depending on your needs!

With each session a second sit down will be recommended to create your photo cards.


Here are some examples, just think of how beautiful your families photos will look on one of these cards! There are so many more options that you can also pick out, these are just a few that drew my eye.

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