Big Changes!

Updated: Jan 15, 2021


I have so many new things to offer for everyone this year and I hope people take advantage!

This year I will begin to offer subscriptions! I only have two, but they are amazing. They are a Mini Sessions bundle, and a Senior Subscription. They each offer multiple sessions for a discounted price.


My Mini Session Bundle- Priced at just $300

With this bundle you will have the opportunity to book four mini sessions for the year! This bundle is perfect for new families, a couple expecting their first little one, a growing family, anyone with little ones that are growing up WAY too fast, and even our older folks that never really had the opportunity to have lots of photos taken over the years.

Each mini session comes with different offers. One may give you four different digitals, another may give you an 11x14 print. Each mini session will be a different theme and there are eight different ones to choose from.

The eight different mini sessions that I will be offering this year will be: Easter, Mommy & Me, Daddy & Me, Independence Day, Back to School, Halloween, Fall, and last but not least, Christmas minis!

Having all these different choices make this bundle perfect for anyone listed above. There is so much variety, and none of the photos will ever look the same. And who doesn't want different photos taken through out the year? Make some special memories with mom in a Mommy & Me mini, get some adorable back to school photos done in a Back to School mini, get those Holiday cards out with some beautiful photos taken in Fall mini, or a Christmas mini. The opportunities are endless!

With this bundle you will also be able to save an additional 10% on additional purchases!


My Senior Subscription- Priced at just $250

With this subscription any senior (high school or college) will have the chance to book two sessions. Any of the Senior portrait session options, and a graduation session. This subscription will also give them the opportunity to book a prom session or prom mini session with a 30% discount. (you can check out my prom session choices on my website here: )

I offer many different senior portrait sessions at different tiers-

My basic senior portrait session is a thirty minute session, with three digital images included, and the location of your choice. Regularly $70

The next tier up you will get an hour long session, five digitals, an outfit change, and the location of your choosing. Regularly $150

And the best senior portrait session that I offer is an hour and a half long, with eight digital images included, two outfit changes, the option to bring your favorite pet, or take some cool photos with your car. And as always the location of your choice. Regularly $185

For my Graduation session I only have a single choice that comes with the option of adding a Champagne shot! This session is an hour long, comes with five digital images, an outfit change (not including the cap and gown) and the location of your choice. This session WITHOUT the Champagne shot is regularly $130, WITH the Champagne Shot it is regularly $140.

This subscription will also give the senior a 15% discount on all other purchases from their sessions.

This Senior Portrait Subscription is an awesome deal! It gives them the opportunity to save some money, and have some of life's most important moments captured. This is a great gift for your upcoming senior whether they are in high school or college.


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