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Hey There

I have come a very far way and I am so happy that you have made it to this page to read about my journey! I am so proud of myself and all that I have accomplished and am so excited to see what else this life has to offer me in my professional journey. 

All About Me

My name is Hannah, the founder and operator of HBedard Photography. When I was in high school I focused mainly on the arts, focusing on drawing and painting. As I finished high school I got more into photography and have loved doing it ever since. 

After graduation I took a couple years off before going to school. Teaching myself the art of photography with online classes, Youtube, and by going out and taking LOTS of pictures. Recently I got a certificate in Small Business Management from Manchester Community College, and will be moving on my next educational journey by transferring to SNHU for a Bachelors in Graphic Design. 

Going forward I would love to be a fully self sufficient creative working for myself doing whatever makes me happy! Taking pictures for my full time job is a dream and I am surely getting there! 

I need to thank everyone who has helped me along this journey of just figuring everything out and getting the experience that I now have!






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